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Greg Nordin

November 19, 2023
Trip taken November 19, 2023

If you’re looking for a great fishing experience look no further. Capt.Shawn went above and beyond to put us on the fish even with the tough conditions. I would highly recommend him for your next charter fishing trip.

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Steve A.

November 8, 2023
Trip taken November 8, 2023

Had an amazing day with my eldest daughter! The weather was fantastic, our guide was exceptional, and we had an incredible catch! Captain Shawn is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to his guests. Highly recommended!

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Randy W.

October 26, 2023
Trip taken October 26, 2023

Had an excellent experience and caught a diverse range of fish. He provided clear explanations about fishing strategies and location choices, especially considering the strong winds that day. Will definitely be my top choice for charter trips in the future.

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Eric C.

September 28, 2023
Trip taken September 28, 2023

Typically, I'm not one to write reviews, but Salty Frog is truly outstanding! Fishing with them feels like being with lifelong friends; they're incredibly personable. They work tirelessly to ensure I have the best chance of catching fish. Their equipment is top-of-the-line, and their boat is impeccable. You can tell they spare no expense on maintenance and safety—it's a smooth ride, spacious, and comfortable for the whole crew. I'll absolutely be booking with them repeatedly!

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Embark on an unforgettable fishing journey with SaltyFrog Fishing Charters and discover why our guests rave about their experiences! Our five-star reviews highlight the excitement and fun of fishing trips in Louisiana, showcasing the thrill of saltwater fishing in premier spots like Hopedale, Delacroix, and the Biloxi Marsh. Whether you're reeling in a prized redfish or exploring the beauty of Louisiana's inshore waters, our guests agree that SaltyFrog Fishing Charters offers the ultimate fishing charter experience. Join us and create your own memorable fishing adventure in the heart of Louisiana's fishing paradise!

SaltyFrog Fishing Charters Customer Reviews are provided by our guests. We focus on providing our St Bernard, LA Fishing Charter guests the very best experience. Our Fishing reviews are from trips in West Branch Grand Bayou, Bayou No Bayou, Padre Bayou, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet Canal, Lake Lery, Lake Jean Louis Robin, Lake Eugenie, Bayou la Loutre, Grass Lagoon (historical), Bayou Terre Aux Boeufs, Lake Eloi, Lake Athanasio, Bobs Lakes, Bayou Biloxi, Bayou Bernard, Blind Pisana Bayou, Crooked Bayou, Lakes of Bayou Marron, Mosquito Inlet, Halfmoon Lake, Lake of the Mound, Bayou La Fee, Bayou Pointe-en-Pointe, Bayou Domingo, Cochon Bay, Bayou Fon Gera, Bayou Guyago, Bayou De Soto, Bayou Magnolia, Bayou la Chape, Bayou Grande, Bottle Bayou, Bayou Batola Bay, Howards Ditch, Bayou Pisana, Whiskey Bayou, South Branch Grand Bayou, Bayou Lery, Bayou Catilano, Bayou Magill, Southwest Branch, Isaacs Ditch, Bayou Gentilly, Bayou Menard, Bayou Juanita, Bayou Muscelini, Bayou Muscle, New Canal, Bayou Saint Malo, Bayou Ramon, Bayou Jean Louis Robin, Spanish Bayou, Bayou Grosbec, Middle Bayou, Reggio Canal, Bayou Petre, Bayou Eloi, Bayou Lingeo, Three Bayous, Bakers Canal, East Bayou, Engineers Canal, Schooner Canal, Rabbit Island Bayou, Flat Bayou, Bayou Hasouse, Bobs Bayou, Bayou Yscloskey, False Mouth Bayou, Bayou Alphonse, Blind Bayou, Lake Shore Bayou, Jacks Canal, Douluts Canal, Greens Bayou, Trappers Bayou.